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How to Start a YouTube Channel For Beginners?

How to Start a YouTube Channel For Beginners?

With the continued influence of social media in every millennial's life today, the thought of creating your own youtube channel for beginners can understandably, tempt you! After all, who does not want to live a life like PewDiePie? You might wonder how cool it would be to just make a video of your life and earn money for it. A life without a boss, without deadlines, with loads of cash and of course, fame! However, you, as a beginner(read noob), might be lost at the thought of where to start. Why fear, I'm here!As you can search for the topic and have reached this article, I assume that you have a google account. In case you don't, you can refer to my article on the technicalities of creating a YouTube account. Without any further ado,

Let's see How to start a YouTube channel for beginners


Just pick up your phone and open your selfie camera. This is how easy to make videos. You do not need any director of photography to shoot a video of yours. Most YouTubers shoot themselves on their own without any help from a second person just using their smartphones.


You can always buy some cool lights for the shoot and get a professional setup. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can use the best source of light (and trust me it's free). Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about the sunlight. Pick a sunny day, and shoot near a big window, facing the sun. If the sunlight falls on side of your face, or at the back of your head - your face does not glow. Make sure it directly falls on your face. Once you see it on the camera, you'll find the best angle.

Speaking to Camera

Talking to the camera is one of the most important skills for a YouTuber to have. Not all of us have the oratory skills of MLK. However, you can develop public speaking skills with practice. You might not be naturally skilled to talk to objects in your room with no one around. You can practice using any object - for eg. your AirPods. Just think of your AirPods as your audience or a person and practice talking.


Now, let's talk about sound. Most YouTubers use a microphone tucked into their shirts. But, honestly speaking, if the environmental conditions are conducive to your room, you do not need to buy a microphone. I mean that the microphone of your camera/phone is sufficient if your room does not echo. Usually, an empty room echoes. So, you would want to put some objects to rectify this problem. You can use some cushions if your room has a lot of empty spaces.


You might have watched a setup tour of your favorite YouTuber. You might be in awe to discover what's behind the screen - camera, green screen, lightings, etc. I can assure you, most of them, if not all, started with just a smartphone with a decent camera. Nowadays, all phones come with great cameras with HD cameras. You can just start recording yourself - turn the selfie camera on, start shooting. I would highly recommend you use the back camera. Because all smartphones have a better back camera compared to the front one.


A script is more important for a video than the above technical aspects. Before making a video, you should have a rough script for the video. Ask yourself - have you researched the topic you are going to speak about in the video? However, there are a few exceptions. For example, vlogging videos do not require a concrete script. Most topics on which people make videos on YouTube have a script - including comedy videos. That is why a 10 minutes video usually takes roughly about 3-4 hours to make. When you make your videos, do not get frustrated if you stumble or say something wrong. You can take retakes as many times as you want. I would recommend keeping the camera on during the full process and keep telling your lines until you are satisfied. Then during editing, you cut the unwanted/stumbling parts.


That brings us to the most important aspects for a YouTuber - editing. If your editing game is lit, your video is going to set YouTube on fire. But if your editing is poor, even a video with great content might not perform so well. You will get many free video editing apps on the App Store or Google Play Store or even for your PC or Mac. You can refer to my article on "Best Video Editing Software for YouTube for Beginners" to get more information on this.


We already have talked about Lights, Camera, Sound, Editing. But the single most important area for a YouTuber is his/her content. What type of content would you want to make if you wish to be a YouTuber? How will you decide what type of videos you should make and how will you excel in that? The most important thing in content is uniqueness. What most people do is look at a successful YouTuber like Technical Guruji and start making their own channel as Technical Bandhu or Technical Gogol. But these channels never become successful. You can create unique content by combining your talent and hard work.


Finally, when you release your videos, consistency is very important to become a YouTuber. Keep releasing your videos regularly. And with each video, try improving on little things. As you release more videos, you will get better at it with each video.

In Conclusion

Overall, I think I have covered almost everything you should know as a beginner to start your YouTube career. So, what are you waiting for? Jumpstart your YouTube journey. For more such informative articles, visit our blogs.

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