how much money does 1 million youtube views make



How much money does 1 million YouTube views make?

How much money does 1 million youtube views make?

Finding out how much money does 1 million youtube views make would be a good idea to get an estimate about your YouTube earnings. A lot of people are trying to get their own videos listed on YouTube. This is a very good business idea if you have your own video channel on youtube with standard popularity. Nowadays one can buy 1 million YouTube views and promote their business and maintain the CPM to earn money easily.

However, there are some very easy ways to find out how much money does 1 million youtube views make.

  • First of all, you can check out what they paid for a video with more than one million views.
  • Secondly, you can check to see what websites they are connected to with their YouTube Videos.
  • You should also know that many of the sites allow you to do some paid advertisement for your youtube video too.
  • You can also find out how much money does YouTube pays for a video with one million views by using some of the tools that you can download from their site.
  • There are some statistical websites available that can give you some very good insight into this type of income.
Along with all this information and with the right use of social networking sites and forums, you can find that out. It depends on the revenue is earned on the basis of CPM, which is on a view per thousand on YouTube.

On Average, you can expect to earn $600-$5000 per 1 million YouTube views

YouTube calculates these earnings through the CPM algorithm. CPM means cost per mille (briefly, Cost per thousand impressions). The total price of the CPM value depends on the CPM rates and CPM Values. You can generally expect to make an average of $600-$5000 per every million views on your video having CPM between $4-$5.
The price paid in a CPM deal = CPM rate * The number of CPM units For example, one million views at $5 CPM equals a $5000 total earnings.
Analyzing these, you can reveal easily how much money does YouTube pays for a video with more than one million views.

The tricky thought could make a bumper outcome- Buy 1 Million YouTube Views

There are a few tricky ways that you can use in order to find out how much money do 1 million youtube views make. The only thing that they will be able to do is to watch and approve your videos to new members (subscribers/viewers). This can be a very good thing as a free trial video on YouTube, that you make for them can be something that really helps your sales too. The most popular way to find out how much money does YouTube pays for a video with one million views is to buy 1 million YouTube views. Besides this, if you have several thousand views each month, you can expect to make some really good money with your videos.

Here are some major factors that affect earnings too:

Facts you need to earn through the channel reputation:

  • Quality of viewers: Google has a large database of viewers. It detects viewers on the basis of some category highlights like the age of the viewer, the gender of the viewer, etc.
  • The geographic location of the Viewers: Google also calculates the location information. In which part of the world your video is more popular and it compares with their local currency value too.
  • Video Watch time and Engagement Rate: There is a standard video watch time according to the YouTube algorithm. The good and standard Video watch time is near about 50%-60% of the video length. For lengthy videos and some high rated video, it decreased to a minimum of 30% of the length.  Sometimes viewers just open the video and in a second without viewing that swapped to another one. Therefore the video watch time of that viewer does not fulfill the youtube algorithm requirements. So the viewer will not be counted.
  • Subscriber count of the Channel: If you need a good reputation on YouTube, you must acquire some respectable value in subscriber count. If you have more subscribers, you will have the chance to get more active viewers.

Facts that you can control directly:

  • Type and the Quality of the Video Content: The views count on YouTube also depends on the type of video content. Either that contains news or contains some infotainment, Comedy, etc. materials. And this Views count directly relates to the CPM and hence your earning too.
  • Video Uploading Frequency: If you want properly regulated earning from youtube views you must upload video in a regular manner continuously. This video uploading frequency surely makes massive sense to buildup your channel's popularity.

Different ways to reveal the myth

There are a few other methods that you can use to find out how much money does YouTube pays for a video with one million views. Use your own Brand for promotion - It will be easy to make your own video in order to promote a product or service. You can make a video which will be very informative and you can make a commercial video. Both of these videos will really help you to earn money. You can buy 1 million YouTube views and see the magic happens. But it's also true that you have to maintain the views count to stabilize the CPM and also need to buy real youtube views. With your knowledge of the process of getting paid to make a video, you will be able to answer the question of how much money does YouTube pays for a video with one million views. You will be very happy with your results.  

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