Building your brand on youtube Some wildly successful YouTubers of whom we have all heard of are Casey Neistat, Liza Koshy, and Lily Singh, to name a few.

Liza Koshy is a TV host who is an Emmy Award nominee and was seen in Forbes thirty under thirty  Hollywood & Entertainment list and the Time 2019 list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet. Casey Neistat has a total worth of $16 million after selling his video-sharing app called CNN. Lily Singh recently rebranded after a very long time of being known as Superwoman.

Whether they are called a YouTube sensation, a leader, or an influencer – these are all the same, and it’s called a personal brand. The following points are some suggestions on How to Build your brand on youtube.

Building your territory:

  • When you select to brand your YouTube channel as yourself instead of something creative like The Gluten-Free Avengers, you have the opportunity to explore the subjects you have a dedication for and where you can come out as unique in a particular slot.
  • There is a reason why influencers like Lily Singh rebrand a personal brand to create a more intimate connection with their viewers and open various paths for opportunities without the perplexity of branding products, TV shows, or apps under their original name.
  • You will have to take some time to figure out your doorway, but having a personal brand can keep you from wasting your time and energy; otherwise, you have to rebrand them again and again.
  • After helping various thought leaders and CEOs make their brand for growth, it’s time that I give you a look at what I teach my clients.
  •  Following are the five steps that will help your clients build a brand YouTube channel that can lead to more robust careers.

Setting up Your Personal Brand YouTube Account :

  • A brand YouTube View channel is easy. I have a beginners’ guide on a YouTube channel set up for new to this platform.
  • As dull as it may seem, every step in this process plays a  critical role in your brand awareness. The tags you use helps maintain your audience retention and increase your subscriber base.
  • It’s essential to set up your brand YouTube account to figure out your image. Color psychology is quite a thing, which means that your color pattern, banner image, and the colors you use in your videos should remain steady across your thumbnails.
  • If you choose the color pink, you’re going to be attracted more towards the female demographic. your primary audience is male and you use colors like orange, purple, or brown, you’re going to have a tough time gaining their attention, as studies show that these colors do not attract all men. With the attention of both men and women, using the color blue for your YouTube channel will keep you on the safe side.

Figure Out Your Niche Issues:

  • Identify a problem you want to solve which will help you to come up with endless video ideas. It’s not possible to attract all types of audiences. Instead, you should figure out your ideal client and help them solve the problems they struggle with daily.
  • You can spread out more specific content ideas such as 7 Ways To Boost Productivity, 9 Ways to keep your room clean.
  • I’ve successfully explained my core topics and eventually broke down each one to solve a very particular problem that my audience is having.

SEO Keywords :

  1. It’s not enough to recognize what topics you’re going to discuss, even if they are precise. We need to know how SEO works as YouTube and Google both are search engines.
  2. SEO keywords are those words that people write or type into the YouTube search bar to find a solution to their problems. So if I want my video to come up under search results whenever someone types How To Build Personal Brand YouTube Channel, I want to be sure that those keywords should appear in my description, title, introduction, tags, and YouTube thumbnail.
  3. All the topics that people search for tie into SEO research, which I do for my clients before tossing them YouTube video topics.
  4. You can use assets like Ubersuggest and SEMrush to type in niche topics and wait for the results. If the results show that no one organizes these keywords in search bars, you might want to rephrase the keywords.



Know About Your Competition :

A massive waste of time when you know that the YouTube content you created has similarities with other 100 videos on the same topic. become challenging for your YouTube brand to attract audiences if there are so many videos with the same content. It’s like your brand YouTube channel will become a needle in a haystack.

As I start jotting down video ideas for myself or my clients, I’ll do some of my keyword research to learn what’s already out there.

The top two videos are only videos that I will consider my competition because the rest of the videos that come up under this search are very different topics about setting up a brand YouTube account, which will not affect your YouTube brand.

This must be done before you hit the record button. If the results showed me that there were already twenty different videos made with similar content within the last year, and each video had over more than two million views, I would never have made a video on it. Rather, I would have found a more niche video plan that had the chance of being watched by more of my target audience.


We often see strange and pointless YouTube channels with more than a million subscribers. And there the question arises, how did they pull that off? How did they possibly create a million-dollar company by posting videos of them living their day-to-day lives?

The solution is consistency.

When someone is creating their first YouTube channel, they should be consistent. We are creative thinkers, and this means that we have various interests, and they tend to change quickly with time. We become inconsistent once they change, and that puts your brand in the wrong place.


Remember that you should never stop creating or posting videos on your YouTube channel because inconsistency leads to your channel destruction. Posting or creating consistency will hold your target audience.

It’s your duty as a creator to keep showing up. Switching to a personal brand may blow your YouTube channel. People invest their time in you as a person if you have a personal brand, and in that way, you could quickly pivot your channel to align with your interests without losing viewers.

On the other hand, some brand YouTube channels have taken off within a couple of months, but it is not the majority, and it should not be your assumption. Consistency is the main thing in the YouTube algorithm that will give you a dedicated fan base to buy products and services from a video content creator.

Conclusion  :

I hope you found the above article very useful as I have explained every aspect of building your brand.

This article will surely help you hold your audience if you follow each step I mentioned above. It takes a lot of time for a beginner’s channel to blow up, but it will be worth the wait when it becomes famous.

There’s a lot of work that builds up your brand, the most crucial of which includes creating video content.

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